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Nourish Yourself

*Concept App

I set out to provide a mobile solution to help educate users of plant based eating — allowing you the chance to understand how diet affects your quality of life. Nourish Yourself is an app that allows users to learn about the top diseases in the US, how those illnesses can be reversed by diet, the benefits of eating a whole, plant based diet for yourself and the earth, as well as easy access to recipes with the option to create your own grocery list.  

PROBLEM: Creating a user friendly app that educates users of plant based eating

SOLUTION: Regarding the function and page layouts, I needed to understand what a user wants to learn and what they value in their health. Outside of the app function, the design decision is quite playful. Using light colors mixed with bright colors and hand drawn illustration gives it a pop of energy. No real photos are used, as I wanted the illustrations to give a creative pop. The app was targeted towards young adults, and I wanted to create something that young adults could, per say, "vibe" with. 

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