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Hello! I'm Chloe :)


I am a graphic designer from the Metro Detroit area, now living in Orem, UT. I received my Bachelor of Fine Arts in Graphic Design from Eastern Michigan University in December 2021. 

I have a love for brand identity and experimental work. Graphic design is so much more than just aesthetics (though, aesthetic matters). It's about being able to use visual representation to implement and execute a design that engages the audience. My strategy of executing a design starts with an idea, an understanding, an exploration of different concepts, and an execution. 

Outside of my love for colors and funky typefaces, I enjoy creating my own adventures. I'm a plant-based eater who holds a passion for understanding the science of the human body and how food plays such a huge role in it's function. I enjoy spending time in nature, exploring new places and going on crazy long hikes, bike rides, walks, and runs. Music and matcha fuels my creativity. I'm always open to new experiences, challenges, and perspectives to help my own growth. 

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